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Take a Look at Our Fully-Equipped Dance Studios

The Russell School of Ballet has been serving the metropolitan area for over 40 years. Classical Ballet, Pointe and Variations, Jazz, Tap, and Modern classes are offered for children, teens, and adults. Dancers trained at the Russell School of Ballet have gone on to dance professionally in the New York City Ballet, Joffrey Ballet, San Francisco Ballet. Boston Ballet, Basel Ballet, Louisville Ballet, Monte Carlo Ballet, and in Broadway musicals. Students have also received scholarships at the School of American Ballet, Joffrey Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, and several universities.



Studying dance at the Russell School of Ballet allows access to three professionally-equipped and air-conditioned studios. All three studios include suspended wooden floors, wall-length mirrors and barres. Some of the classes include piano accompaniment.

Women and men’s shower facilities are available on-location.

The three studios have been named after important members of the Russell School community of dancers and patrons.

  • The Peeler Studio
  • The Capp Studio
  • The Gillis Studio

COVID -19 Policy

The below list are current restrictions and recommendations as of June 18, 2020, which are subject to change to meet current guidelines and restrictions. 

  • Dancers will not be allowed to attend if they have a fever, cough, are sneezing, or sick for any reason.
  • Dancers must remain 6 feet apart while present at the school, and 10 feet apart when dancing.
  • Parents will not be allowed to wait in our lobby area. If a parent needs to speak to the office they must do so by appointment or phone call.
  • Younger dancers will be met at the front door on arrival to be escorted into the school.
  • All students will enter the school dressed and ready for class with appropriate cover up. Dressing rooms will be used for the bathroom facilities and hand washing only.
  • Dancers will go directly to their assigned studio and remain there until they leave for the day.
  • Dance bags will be taken into the studio with the dancer and placed under the bench. All outerwear must be placed in their dance bags. Street shoes will be left outside the studio door.
  • They must bring their own refillable water bottle to class. The contactless water filling station will be available.
  • If dancers are present during the lunch period, it will be eaten in the same studio as their classes.
  • School policy requires wearing a mask upon entering the building and in all common spaces. Although it is highly recommended to wear at all times, they do interfere with breathing during aerobic exercise and may cause lightheadedness, please use your discretion in class.
  • Classes will be limited to 12 dancers per class in the Peeler, 10 in Capp, and 7 in Gillis.
  • Studios will be cleaned and sanitized before class and directly after class.
  • Hand Sanitizer and cleaning wipes will be placed in each Studio. If the student uses the school equipment they must wipe them down before and after use.
  • Once a dancer is finished with their classes for the day they must leave or be picked up immediately outside of the school, being sure not to congregate outside.